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What is Big Lost?


Big Lost Meadery and Brewery is more than a company, it is an ideal. To understand this concept though, we must first look to the Big Lost Cabin. Legend has it that there is a cabin in the middle of nowhere in Western Wyoming. A place lost to the tenors of modern society, a warm fire is always burning to welcome the party. A leaky roof, a crusty old bar keep, a door that only pretends to lock, this run down cabin is a mecca for those lost in the wilderness. With the likes of the Wild Man, the Crazy Woman, the Island Gypsy, the Forgotten Philosopher always at the cabin, many legendary folks frequent this place and can tell you tales beyond belief. From ancient Pillagers of the north to tropical maidens lost to time, they all remember our basic natures. We have never been to the cabin and we don’t know exactly where it is located, but we have faith it exists. We have recreated a picture of the cabin from legends we have heard, visible on all of our labels. This cabin is the focal point for all of our various characters. While their stories and legends range throughout the expanse of the world, all of them find their way to this mystical cabin at some point. After Getting Their Pillage on they head to the cabin to interact and have a roaring good time, forever being lost to the rest of the dominion of men. 

Big Lost is something unique, like the cabin we look to get Big Lost from our trials and stressors of life. Hang out in a cabin with no phones, televisions, heartless stimuli, and enjoy an opportunity for true fellowship with old friends and new friends alike. This concept transcends the time and space to let us always remember there’s a time and place to be lost to the rest of the world and focus on the humanity of mankind. The fire is always warm at the cabin and our characters are always available to greet you. If you're traveling through Wyoming or are here to stay, throw back a horn or pour a craft beer and come get Big Lost with us!



We handcraft various styles of mead, fermented honey. Our products are available in stores around Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Kansas! You can also purchase our products online and we ship to 37 states around the country! At our bar we feature various other styles of mead that we don't have in circulation, so check them out!



We offer a fine selection of craft beer made in house. Specializing in malt focused beers and some classic styles, we believe in easy drinking beers for the common man. Our beers are available throughout Northeast Wyoming and as always we have other styles in house that are reserved for our fellow Pillagers!


Use the button below to buy our mead online and we'll ship to your door! We ship to 37 different states, so as long as you're on the list we'll get you taken care of!

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